This develops in yung boys and should be treated  by surgery as early as possible.Master Rahat ,a 16 year old boy from Cox’s Bazar came to prof. Md.Zillur Rahman with this disease one month ago.He was previously diagnosed as a case of nasal polyp in Chittagong and admitted in a private hospital there for operation. During operation it as suspected as a case of Nasopharyngeal  angiofibroma,the operation was postponed and the patient was referred to Prof. Zillur Rahman in Bangladesh ENT hospital.He was reexamined ,investigations were done and the diagnosis was clinically confirmed as Naspharyngeal Angiofibroma. Rifat was operated with all peropearative and preoperative preparations.A Tumour of 3 inch/2 inch was removed via the mouth cavity.Postoperatively rifat recovered fully and now he is free from the disease. As this tumour has the nature of recurring, He has been sdvised for long time follow up.